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Grandma's Medicine Cabinet

Prescriptions of all kinds tend to accumulate over the years. Sometimes because they are forgotten about, or maybe just because people aren't sure what to do with them. However, these medications do not always go unused. A full medicine cabinet can be a candy store to someone who knows what they are looking for. It is important to always properly dispose of your unused medications. 

The Age Of Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or social status. Always be aware of what your friends and family members are being prescribed; and if they are unable to manage it themselves, make sure there is someone there who can.

Heroin Prescription

Medical procedures and injuries are just two of many common factors in the path to opiate addiction. Whether your child is recovering from a dental procedure, a sports injury, or an everyday accident, always be aware of the potential dangers of prescription painkillers. When necessary, they should only be used short-term and under close scrutiny. 


You can't always be sure if you are getting the full story. Look closer and watch for signs of substance use.

My First Time

There is always a first time. That first time can lead to a lifetime of pain and recovery. 

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