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Peer recovery coaching is a supportive and effective approach to help individuals with a substance use disorder helping to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. It involves pairing individuals in recovery with trained peers who have successfully overcome similar challenges, creating a unique bond based on shared experiences. These peer recovery coaches provide guidance, encouragement, and practical assistance to individuals seeking recovery.

A Peer Recovery Coach...

  • Walks side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders

  • Creates a unique relationship grounded in trust

  • Helps individuals create their own recovery plans

  • Provides emotional and influential support while sharing connections to community resources

  • Removes barriers while providing hope, motivation and encouragement

  • Connects individuals with life skills and resources 

Why work with a Peer Recovery Coach?

There are strong testimonies of the positive impact peer recovery support has on recovery journeys. While research is still ongoing, there is rising evidence that people receiving peer recovery coaching show improvements on a range of recovery outcomes.

  • Increased self-worth and empowerment

  • Reduced relapse rates

  • Improved relationships with family, friends and in the community

  • Increased engagement with treatment/recovery services

  • Decreased criminal justice involvement

This is a free service.

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